Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Midwest by Way of Southwest

It’s been really interesting this past month living in an environment with so much history when you come from an area of the country where it’s like things are just getting started. In the southwest—Phoenix in particular—everything is so spread out, expanding and constantly developing. The houses, apartments, and freeways all have a new quality to them you don’t usually find in the Midwest.

In Chicago, there are houses and apartments a century old, places with real historical significance that anybody with the right money can live in. Many of these dwellings are not even considered public landmarks; they’re just potential real estate. In Phoenix, there are always new properties to choose from. Living in a home with history suggests the hassle of upkeep and remodeling. Homes a century old are potential tourist attractions.

On a smaller scale, visiting Chicago by way of Phoenix is almost like visiting ancient Greece or Rome, except you can rent space in one of the ruins.

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  1. you've got the ruins part about some chicago apartments right, nick. :)

    interesting perspective about the city. it's even more fascinating when you consider the fact that so much of chicago was rebuilt after the great fire, and it's one of the things that catapulted chicago into an architectural and design mecca. If you're curious about the history of the city, i suggest you stop by the chicago history museum. (chicagohistory.org) a great place to spend an afternoon and learn a bit more about chicago