Monday, September 26, 2011

Stop! Keep it to Yourself!

It seems like the more often you ride public transportation, the more often you hear about people's personal lives. And not just what stop they're getting off at and why, but who in their family they hate, what they said to their boss after they were fired, or which sexual positions they prefer.

I consider myself to be a private person, so when I hear these detailed, sometimes graphic conversations, I try to turn a deaf ear. But it's difficult when either two people are talking at high volume or if one person is yelling into their cellphone.

I guess we all have our own methods of tuning it out; you pretend like the Facebook page you're looking at on your smart phone is incredibly interesting or the graffiti on one of the outside buildings has a deeper meaning. You don't want to hear it, but you abide by it. People are sharing these truly intimate details, but are they doing it for their benefit or our own? That is to say, do they WANT us to listen?

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