Monday, October 10, 2011

Breaking Bad Season Finale--Medically Accurate?

I've watched Breaking Bad since the very beginning and, quite frankly, I've seen a lot of disgusting things. Besides watching a moral human being erode into a calculating killer, there has been a significant amount of violence & bloodshed. Let's see, I've seen a decapitated head placed on a large, desert turtle (which was wired to explode), I've watched somebody bleed out after being stabbed with a box cutter, and, of course, the people melting. Chemical compounds have been used--a few times--to liquify people. 

There is generally a reality base to Breaking Bad's gruesomeness, but last night's season finale was rather puzzling. Simply put, the leader of a drug cartel has half of his face blown off in an explosion. Literally half of it is gone, as we can see his skull. (It's gross, I know.) Following the explosion, he takes a few steps, straightens his tie, & collapses. I'm no medical expert, but is this in any way possible? I realize it's fiction and they were obviously going for shock value, but can your body operate of its own volition, perform a simple physical act, without requiring use of the brain? Can your body exercise this muscle memory moments before you expire? It's disturbing, but it has made for some interesting discussion.   


  1. First of all, how can this be the bob blah blog and you haven't commented at all on the possibility of an arrested development season 4 and a movie!!! And second: Ew. This is gross. I don't watch breaking bad (or I don't watch it yet, I watch a lot of stuff when it's on DVD), but I am endlessly amazing at what we allow in terms of violence in the culture.

  2. Yes, it is possible.

    In terms of what we allow in terms of violence in our culture...didn't we just celebrate Colombus Day? Happy raping and pillaging everyone!