Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black & White

I don't know what it is about simplicity that people respond so well to. When it comes to my artwork, some of the most positive responses I have received has been to work that was minimal in composition. Years ago I painted a black and white diptych that I kept going back into because it just seemed too simplistic. It was actually inspired by imagery from Sin City, the movie, but more so the artwork of Frank Miller. I wanted to explore the invasion of twisted white forms into a black background, then reverse the process. I've always found the diptych interesting, but not work I expected to continue to garner praise.



  1. these are really striking pieces, nick. i think the lack of color creates a powerful impact and people can't help but develop a strong reaction to the pieces.

    I love frank miller, though i have to say his more recent stuff has strayed a bit from what made sin city, 300, and dark knight returns so great. i can definitely see the influence though!

  2. Thanks. I'd like to return to that simplicity in style, but it's never easy for me. It's almost like I have to force myself to eliminate complex imagery by constantly painting over it.