Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oak Park Conservatory

It's always nice to find an interesting spot to visit that's right where you live. It's even nicer when that spot is free. We visited the Oak Park Conservatory this weekend and it was really amazing to see greenhouse spaces divided into different environments for different greenery. Each room even had its own temperature, so within a few steps you could go from a humid environment to a cool, breathable space. And there was a coi pond.


  1. great pictures, nick. if you enjoyed this space, you should definitely check out the garfield park conservatory. it's even bigger and absolutely stunning. they had some issues when a big hail storm rolled through not too long ago, and they're under renovation now in some space, but overall it's still an amazing space.

  2. That's off of the Green line, right? On the Conservatory stop.